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Welcome to my website!
Welcome to my blog! here you will find anecdotes, dreams, thoughts and opinions, you know! like a type of diary but with horrible and crappy English. It is the first time that I write a type of "diary" on the internet so I will try to update as much as possible! :>
Thursday, September 22, 2022
Today was certainly a tiring day. I have to do several school projects because the science fair is coming up. I have to collaborate with my classmates and make "1000 cranes" (in relation to a Japanese legend), I love to make origami so I think I can make at least 30! I must also talk about the Falkland Islands and a lot of Argentine history. They also chose me as the delegate of the course! I never thought I was so popular in my class so I'm kind of surprised, I usually get a bit nervous when I speak so I really don't know how I'm going to do it :( This week I started playing Yakuza Like a Dragon 7 and I love it! It's so much fun and I even think Ichiban is very cute, I love it!